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Every day we learn that lower back problems and shoulder pain is becoming a major problem for the population, followed closely by stress and depression. Obesity has taken on epidemic proportions. Growth, learning and behaviour difficulties among children are on the rise. One week we read about a diet or exercise book that tells us what we should or shouldn’t do and then the following week we are told the opposite.

PIDDDS puts you in front of the mirror and gets you to look at yourself as thought you’re seeing yourself for the very first time. Holding both hands on your hips, one will be higher, one will be lower. Tracking the contours of your diaphragm, one end will be lower, one higher. Measuring your collar bones, one side will be up, one down. Looking at your cheeks, one will be higher one lower. Mouth: one corner up, one down. Eyes: one will look straight forwards, the other either slightly left or right. Comparing your ears, one will be slightly up, one down, and if you wear glasses, the chances are they may not sit straight.

Through these references, you can become aware of your own body’s twists. Some people don’t even realize they’re not straight. Not being straight is the same as not being properly connected, and through these body reference points it is possible to identify what sort of symptoms each person is suffering from – see spinal chart

With the knowledge and the experience of working with the spinal connections to our body, I started to see a pattern in the disposition of the feet, legs, hips, diaphragm, shoulders, color bones, cheekbones, eyes, ears and head. Out of each reference point I was able to see a triangular shape, this resulted in the PIDDDS triangular PUPPET.

Physiological Psychological

Head triangle area 1

Desire to comprehend everything with one’s head, low concentration, dreamer, mental blocks, problems with self acceptance, living in one’s own world, no desire to socialize with other people, lacking farsightedness, inability to focus, does not to look or strain the visual senses, angry feelings.

Shoulder / cheekbone area triangle 2

Allow oneself to be humiliated, takes on the victim role, suffers silently, does not defend oneself, “swallows” a lot or get sudden anger and explodes, for no reason. Inability to speak well, lump in the throat, words cannot come out, loses stability, no firm point of view, does not want to listen, feelings of guilt.

Chest area triangle 3

Inner anger, hard on self and others, shallow breathing, “swallows” a great deal, all or nothing attitude, no trust in others, overburden oneself, does everything by oneself, can’t get themselves together, so no trust in others, hard hearted , joy less can’t get things off the chest, put oneself last, partnership/children problems.

Waist area triangle 4

Phantom image of own body, nothing is good enough, hyperactivity, over eating, problems with letting go of things from the past, no patience. Fearful, find it hard to make a new start. Always sees one’s own weaknesses, no self- esteem, afraid of relationships, does not surrender to the flow of life.

Lower back triangle 5

Not having both feet on the ground, can’t take a stand, undecided, sexual problems, male / female identification problems, difficulty to move on in life, fearful, insecure , lethargy in “digesting”, restlessness. 

Head triangle area 1

Migraine, balance problems, memory weakness, concentration problems, dyslexia / dyscalculia / dyspraxia.

Shoulder/cheekbone area triangle 2

Constant cold, dry lips, thyroid gland functions, hair fall, hearing problems, bleeding gums, sleeping problems, not being able to fall asleep or waking up very tired! Sinus block, chronic cold or ear infection, head age.

Chest area triangle 3

Gallbladder/ gall stones, stomach problems, diabetes, liver problems, feeling weak, blood pressure swanking, pain in the breast area, furry feeling in fingers, shoulder and elbowed pain, neck pain, not being able to deep breathing.

Waist area triangle 4

Constipation, bloating, gas, growth problems, eczema, raw skin, asthma, allergies, tiredness, infertility, water /salt retention problems, chronic fatigue.

Lower back triangle 5

Bladder, infertility, menstruation, prostate, or impotence, heavy feeling in the legs, knee problems, stiffed feet, cold feet, painful heels.