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  • PIDDDS had a tremendous impact on my life in the last two years, from getting pregnant to curing my baby’s restlessness. Here are just a few ways in which Jose’s treatment PIDDDS has helped me:

    DIFFICULTY GETTING PREGNANT – finally pregnant after two years In March 2012 I visited an Osteopath who was trained by JOSE. I was desperate to get pregnant, having tried for two years, had one miscarriage and been diagnosed with PCOS. I went for 3 treatments and 4 months later I was pregnant! 

    BREACH BABY – baby turned after two sessions: The pregnancy went extremely well until at eight months by baby was breach and wouldn’t turn. I was told I may need a C-section. This time I went to see Jose herself and after two treatments my baby turned and remained the right way for the duration of the pregnancy.

    HOPES FOR A NATURAL BIRTH – a quick labour with no drugs I had always wanted a natural birth and after hearing from Jose that some pre-labour treatments can help, I had two more sessions. Right after each treatment, I felt incredibly light on my feet. Three days after my last treatment I went into labour (one day before my due date).

    The entire labour lasted 4 and a half hour from the first contraction to the time my baby boy ‘Leo’ was born. It was a natural birth with no drugs and no interventions and was without a doubt one of the happiest days of my life.

     POST BABY TREATMENT – gas pains and restlessness resolved After the birth I took my son for a treatment as he was suffering from bad gas pains and was quite restless and within days we saw a huge difference.

    Having seen Jose on so many different occasions I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would have done without her. I now take my little boy to see her every three months and he is doing so well, he sleeps great and is a very happy and content little boy. I would recommend Jose, or as my husband calls her ‘the baby whisperer’ to anyone who is trying to get pregnant, is already expecting or anyone with a newborn baby as her treatments are so effective.

     Michelle Robertson, mum to nine month old Leo

  • Simple moves that saves your life and ends you’re suffering! Before hearing about Jose and her PIDDDS, I spent almost six years with lower back and leg pain. I spent thousands of dollars in Australia, China and Dubai visiting doctors, enduring all kind of scans, chiropractic treatments and visiting massage centres to ease the pain.

    Guess what it took!! Two visits to Mrs. Jose and my life was back to normal. I can’t thank you enough Jose, I will always be grateful to you and so is all my family for helping us all.

    Thank you again.

    Mustafa Al-Samaraie

  • I am in my late fifties and was trying to come to terms with my progressively worsening back problems, largely as a result of poor posture allied to working practices. I thought my future would be all about managing the discomfort and pain. It became a constant pain that interrupted basic daily functions, resulting in not being able to participate in sporting and recreational activities. An introduction to Jose’s PIDDDS method, along with her “no nonsense” approach, helped me immensely. Not only has she been able to “straighten” my back, but because she realigned my body I was able to exercise again and strengthen my muscles in the correct alignment. Jose got my attention, focused on the CAUSE of my problems and taught me the self-correcting maintenance exercises and diet. I do feel now that I have the reassurance, knowledge and confidence to continue with my professional life, and look forward to a happier and healthier lifestyle, with more participation in sports in my retirement.

    Thank you Jose,

    Graham Field (October 2007)

  • Before I was referred to Jose, I was almost completely immobilized and unable to walk as a result of the excruciating pain in my back. Even the strongest painkillers were no longer  helping. I was planning to go to Germany to be seen by a neurosurgeon, for the only option I had left was surgery. My wife heard about Jose and strongly urged me to visit her and that’s precisely what I did. She treated me with the PIDDDS combination of exercises and asked me to visit her again the next day for one last session. I was shocked at the prospect that two sessions is all it would take to release me of this suffering. However, when Jose asked me how I felt the next day, it’s as if she knew the answer before I even gave it. I was pain-free and able to walk properly again. It truly felt like a miracle.

    When I arrived to Germany where I had previously made a booking to see a famous neurosurgeon, I was able to walk to him. He asked me about my symptoms and whether I had improved or not. I said 10 days ago I wasn’t able to walk from the door to here. Today, I walked down the station all the way to you. He said ‘Go back then to your therapist. You don’t need any surgery.

    The following year, I developed severe pain in my neck as a result of disc surgeries that I had undertaken in the past. The same thing happened after only 2 sessions of treatment with Jose.

    Jose, what you are doing is extraordinary. Your dedication and determination are unsurpassed. What you do in your sessions is different from any other physiotherapy or chiropractic session. You can truly target the pain source, balance it, and eliminate it. Your book has already benefitted and inspired a vast amount of people and what you are doing with the children is wonderful. Thank you for all your help.

    Dr Suleiman Nayal

  • Nick is an 11 year old boy whose life is motocross! As every Friday morning we are at the motocross Track ready and waiting for Nick to race, but unfortunately this particular Friday was not going to be a good one!

    While practicing his lap, Nick fell and had a very serious accident which involved breaking his Right Femur. Nick needed surgery and following a new method, the surgeon decided not to put a plaster cast on his leg. Nick had instead 2 titanium rods inserted on his bone. He was released from hospital after three days and advised to seek physiotherapy and recovery would be 12 weeks with partial weight bearing after week 13. The next day we took Nick to his physiotherapy appointment, where they looked at the x-rays and encouraged him to flex his toes. I was very disappointed with the treatment as was Nick, bearing in mind he is a very determent boy and the Doctor told him that he could carefully try to bend his knee. So with this in mind, we decided to take Nick to Jose and see what her thoughts were.

    Nick was blessed, as we walked in, he was greeted by Jose smiling face, saying: “Oh dear what did you do, you are lucky somebody just cancelled.” To which she whisked him in her room and started treatment immediately. After one treatment only he had movement back in both, his leg and knee. Her post recovery words were “I will have you full weight bearing within 6 weeks!” Which he was! 

    We went back to the surgeon on the 10 week for re x-ray. The surgeon sat in total disbelieve as Nickolas walked into the appointment with no crouches or limp and the x-ray showed full healing. His comment was “wow” and Nick reply was “yes, I have a beautiful lady that has helped me back to my full recovery and when I become a champion I will dedicate my first trophy to Jose!”

  • My Dear Jose Garbe,

    As you may remember, after six weeks of living paralysed with the diagnose of lumbar hernia at L4-L5, L5-S1 and L3-L4, I had decided to get an operation on May 1st, 2006. Unfortunately (in fact I should say luckily here if we look at today) I had to get a heart surgery (atrial septal defect) instead. Thereon you came to Istanbul as an Angel. Since you flew over from Dubai and came to Istanbul to fix my back on the 21st of September 2006 my life radically changed. I had been healed by you both physically and psychologically. There is no more back pain, balanced feelings, managed weight, no health problems. Not only that, I had changed my professional life.

    While I was working as a Marketing Director in one of the biggest companies of Turkey, I decided to follow you as my  Master. I am proud of being one of your first believers. With your guidance I went through several trainings classes to become PIDDDS Method Practitioner and Diet Advisor.

    What happened today is all because of you.

    I owe my health and future career to you.

    God bless you

    F. Cagla Yuksel-Aydin

  • Our 18 year old son Peter suffered from a brain hemorrhage when he was 13. Despite the severity of the illness, he recovered very well and, despite the prognosis of many doctors, was walking again within two months. Eight months later he was fit enough to ski but as luck would have it, he was knocked over a steep hill by an out of control snow boarder. The result of this was a severely broken leg which had twisted 180°. Not a good few months for Peter. The lasting effect of the hemorrhage was a weakness on his left side and difficulty opening and closing his left hand. He also had a pronounced limp when he walked. 

    We met Jose at school as her daughter was in the same class as our youngest son and she offered to look at Peter. The first visit was quite unusual for Peter and Jose treated his back and spine. Peter found unexplainable heat in his muscles, but felt totally transformed after the session. Jose then pointed out that his left leg was shorter than the right leg, perhaps due to the skiing accident but also due to a misalignment of the spine. At the next session, whilst Peter moved his leg in a swinging position, Jose guided the vertebrae back into position in a non-manipulative way. The result was amazing, we could see an immediate change in his posture and walk; it really was a transformation. Jose also worked on Peter’s hand and arm, and again we could see a marked change.

    Without doubt, the PIDDDS methodology improved Peter’s posture, his walking style and the flexibility of his left hand. This was after many years of standard physiotherapy which certainly had brought Peter back from a terrible trauma. However, the PIDDDS system seems to have taken over where the standard methods have failed.

    Thank you Jose for giving Peter back his posture and, more than that, increasing his confidence. 

    Rod and Glenys Maxfield.

  • I have been a client and student of Jose Garbe-Vilijn for 10 months; I would like to share my path of regaining health as a direct result of PIDDDS treatment.

    During my teen years I developed Scoliosis. Most recently I had a 60 % “S “curve in the Thoracic / lumbar area of my spine. At the age of 22 and again at the age of 42 an orthopaedic surgeon told me that nothing could be done to straighten my spine.

    Seventeen years ago, I was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. I was told at the time that I would need a liver transplant within fifteen years if I did not get cancer first. I was put on Ursodiol on progressively larger doses until I was taken 1500 mg. per day. I have maintained that dose for about twelve years. The Gastroenterologist later diagnosed me with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 

    Because conventional medicine had little to offer me to prevent the progression of this disease I decided to Investigate complementary treatments. For the past five years I have seen a naturopath in Dubai who amongst many other things, refined my diet to eliminate intestinal irritants, but I was still very much underweight because nothing I eat seems to digest and assimilate unto my body. I did Kinesiology and Jin Shin Jyutsu (a Japanese Energy Healing). All of these slowly helped me improve but the most profound and rapid change came when I had my first two-days PIDDDS session. Within 2 weeks I had gained 1.5 kg. My chronic constipation was gone. I was having three bowel movements a day. I could tolerate red meat, fats and many foods that previously given me difficulties. My allergies were reduced. My CHRONIC back pain was gone - completely. Five weeks after the first treatment I had my LFT blood work done. They were normal for the first time in seventeen years! It sounds unbelievable but I have blood work results for the last five years as evidence. Within eight weeks of the initial treatment I had gained 5.5 kg. As I already mentioned, I was not able to gain weight during the previous six years! I had follow up treatments of PIDDDS in March, and again in May. Each time my lower thoracic and lumbar vertebrae became more aligned.

    In September I visited my gastroenterologist in Canada, he reviewed my August 2012 blood work and ultrasound.

    He cut my medication in half and told me that I would no longer need a liver transplant! Nothing I have ever done has been able to accomplish such a positive outcome so quickly. PIDDDS has profoundly changed my health and I look forward to further improvement with continued treatment.

    Truly grateful for PIDDDS

  • Jock is an ex Para trooper, from England. In the Second World War, he was sent out to Holland leading a squadron of Para troopers, jumping out of the airplane by parachute. Jock could not walk after a hip replacement, he was operated a second time and he walked slightly better with crutches, but still wasn’t able to stand straight.

    After the PIDDDS treatment I did the old trick that every military man will go for, I saluted him! He jumped into the right standing and saluted me back. It was at that moment, that Jock realised that he was straight again. Emotions were running over his face. Jock started to talk about the war, something that his son told me he did not wanted to do for years.

    Jock Fairley’s Story

    Dear Jose, I am sure I was an exact replica of the crooked figure you’ve got on the cover of your DVD when I came to see you. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I am sure you were right when you said my hips were up and down, my shoulders here and there, and my eyes not in line. You’ll be glad to hear I feel much straighter now, standing up in military fashion, trying hard to eliminate that bent-over stance which is so damaging. Also the work you did on my toes and fingers has paid off with renewed circulation.

    I want to thank you for what you did, and quite apart from putting me on the ironing board, I should say that it was grand to be with you and hear you talk. I believe you are still travelling in Europe, and there must be many people who are beholden to you for better health and well-being. I don’t know if I shall ever get to Dubai, but if I do (why not, at ninety!) I would attempt to make my No 1 meeting with you, where hopefully you will find everything straight and ship-shape.

    Determination - this is what is called for at the age I have reached!

    But again, Jose, renewed thanks,

    Sincerely Jock

  • My whole life I suffered from “constitutional” eczema. From being a baby with the end of sleeves pulled together so I couldn’t scratch myself open, to being a young adult visiting multiple dermatologists who never really took the problem seriously and only prescribed cortisone. After becoming very annoyed and disillusioned by their disinterest in my personal case, I started to fulfil experimentation myself. At one point I found out that if I drank orange juice my skin would get very itchy and irritated, so I asked my GP if the cause of my eczema could be food allergies, and he had the nerve to tell me that that was definitely not the case, and that I should learn to accept that I was never going to grow out of the eczema.

    I reached the age of 16 and decided that enough is enough and I was not going to take any more medication for it, since it had only worsened my condition and as a nice bonus gave me more skin problems in the form of pigmentation disorders on my arms and neck. In the years that followed, I tried to follow my GP’s advice and not think that there would ever be a cure for it, so I tried not to look at it. To get the itch and irritation away I used creams like Vaseline, which obviously only worsened the irritation.

    With a lot of skin ups-and-downs I reached the point where I had graduated and decided to trade Holland for a new adventure, and so I left to live with my aunt and uncle in Dubai. The day I arrived in Dubai my skin looked horrible, all the stress of this big move was to blame, I guess. My aunt took one look at me and told me that, with the right

    diet and cutting out wheat, milk, and orange juice, I would be cured from my eczema in approximately one year. Of course that sounded too good to be true to me. 

    My aunt told me it was not going to be easy, and that I shouldn’t expect any changes in a short time frame, but I was now determined to give it a try. It is amazing in how many products you will find wheat or essences of wheat like starch and yeast, but eventually you learn to avoid completely. Coming from a bread-eating country like Holland, which is quite an accomplishment, if I may say myself! I have to admit that I got a lot of help from my friends, colleagues at work and family, who would be angry with me if I ate the wrong things. I was very sceptical at the beginning but decided it was worth a try so I started cutting out wheat, gluten, orange juice and milk products.

    I am almost one year further on now, and my skin looks whopping 98% better. It is soft, less red and less itchy, and a few weeks ago someone even gave me a compliment on my “very soft and glowing skin”, which was one for the books for me! I still have to work on getting rid of the last bit of allergies, because that is eventually what it turned out to be, but with the help of my aunt’s PIDDDS formula. I am more than convinced that I will get to that much anticipated 100% cure.

    Caroline de Cort


  • My journey with Jose and PIDDDS was an eye opening experience, since the results of PIDDDS treatment was an amazing result for me, my family and my clients. I took the training with the founder of PIDDDS and dearest friend Jose. Not only the session was great but also the passion and sincerity of Jose make it unique and special. PIDDDS helped my migraine, alignment, back pain and neck pain. PIDDDS was one of the keys that helped my clients whether the children or their mothers as well. I continuously refer people to Jose because of the health effects that I notice and feel. I wish her all the best.

    Mona Kazim, Special needs and Learning Support Specialist.

  • Dear Jose,

    Thank you so much for a life changing experience you have given me & my family with PIDDDS. It was truly magical. So many things in our lives go wrong and we are too busy to even realize it.

    I couldn’t have a normal delivery because my baby’s head didn’t engage and I didn’t dilate. If only I had met you before and would have known that my sacrum was out of place, which was blocking the baby’s way. 

    After 1 treatment from you, my severe lower back pain disappeared which started after giving birth to my daughter and went on for 18 long months. Now, I can walk long hours without complaining of any kind of pain. My feet felt more circulated. My neck pain just disappeared with one touch from you. My motions were never this normal before. My back feels straight now. I feel more connected to myself, as I feel I’ve been put back in place. I feel more positive and energetic. It was nothing less than a miracle for me to see, so many of my problems disappear in thin air.

    My husband feels a sudden wave of energy in him. My daughter doesn’t sway while walking anymore. What you’ve given us, Its Priceless!!! It’s only after I met you that I found my perfect pair of shoes that I have been looking for, for so long. 

    All thanks to you.

    Looking forward to joining you on your mission.

    Aditi Mahek Dhanani

  • I first took my son James to his first PIDDDS session at aged 5 months.

    James was born via emergency C-section and as a result I was concerned that his body would not naturally align as it might with natural delivery which would have a long term effect on his growth, development and posture.

    I had noticed James hips and stomach were quite twisted and his feet and ankles were much stiffed, which in term meant he didn’t move very freely. His feet and legs always felt puffy and hard to the touch which also restricted movement. Josie explained this was the result of fluid retention due to lymphatic drainage issues. One of the most significant changes post treatment was his body felt softer to touch and as a result became very supple and his joints had free movement.

    Like any new mother, I was sceptical and concerned that the treatment would hurt, but it uses very gentle and unobtrusive exercises to provide the results. Josie had a very natural connection with James and I felt completely comfortable with her performing the treatment. I noticed a visible difference immediately following the treatment. His hips straightened, his legs and ankles moved freely and his posture was noticeable better. In addition, although James has always been a good sleeper he drifted off into a peaceful and deep sleep following the treatment.

    I will certainly continue with the treatments as I can only see it will have a positive impact on his long term growth and development.

    Briony Trevethan

  • I am so pleased with Jose’s therapy and I would recommend her to anyone who has spinal or misaligned joint problems. I think her combinations of therapies are very effective and I felt better immediately after one treatment, especially when the joints have been realigned. I had some pain for a few days, but after several treatments I really felt great. My joints had been adjusted. I feel more relaxed and the toxins from my body are being removed.

    Honestly I am extremely happy with the diet advice; I am still following it today with my family. The health benefits of eating the food that is right for you, is amazing.

    Thank you Jose, you were very helpful!

  • Khalid had flatfoot and knock-knees since birth and he walked with a limp at the age of 2 years. He had never been able to run. While initially prescribed with orthotic insoles, Doctors making further investigations with an x-ray and an MRI scan found “well defined fluid filled cystic lesion with lobular margins seen in metaphysic involving neck of left femur...probably representing Aneurismal bone cyst”.

    Khalid’s parents were greatly distressed by this diagnosis and as advised by the doctors, immediately agreed to invasive surgery involving curettage of the cyst and bone grafting. However, a week before the operation, a family friend suggested that they try PIDDDS treatment before going for the surgery. Khalid had an amazing result from the PIDDDS treatment where during the very first session he started walking without a limp and he actually ran for the first time in his life. His mother was crying when she saw her child run! His leg length imbalance had been resolved and he was very relaxed.

    An x-ray taken after the second PIDDDS session showed that both his joints were now normal and his pelvic bones had changed to a symmetrical appearance. All this without any surgery! Khalid is now four years of age and is a normal child.

    Without PIDDDS he might have undergone surgery and God forbid...!

  • Mustafa had been a competitive body builder and when he hurt his back in a work accident, he went to all lengths to get back his good health.

    He followed the traditional medical treatments including stabilisation surgery where his vertebrae were linked using a metal plate and pins. However, this surgery that had been conducted in Germany left his right leg paralysed.

    Mustafa was devastated and after several physiotherapy sessions, he began to lose hope of ever being able to walk again. At this point a family friend suggested PIDDDS and Mustafa flew in from Bahrain. When he went into the first session, he had back pain – he had minimal flexibility in his back and his right leg was paralysed – he had to be helped into the clinic by his friend. After the first session – Mustafa WALKED out of the clinic! He could not believe the results!

    He kept standing up all day - just to confirm that he could actually stand and walk. For him it was a miracle.  Mustafa now leads a normal life – he remembers the miracle every time the plate in his back triggers the metal detector at the airport!!!

  • While I have always had a bad posture and a sedentary lifestyle, I had my first lower back problem at the age of 40. I had put on extra weight around the midriff and that was putting extra pressure on my spine. Returning from a vacation, picking up a heavy bag off the airport baggage conveyor belt had triggered a sharp pain in my lower back. However, later in the week, the pain had suddenly become intense and I was unable to even stand-up. A series of tests, x-rays and an MRI by doctors had identified age related disc degeneration in the lower spine leading to some bulging discs (L2-L3, L4-L5) and a collapsed disc (L5-S1). I was prescribed Voltaren, an anti-inflammatory drug, and another muscle relaxant drug to help manage my pain and reduce the muscle spasms.

    After going through a series of Physiotherapy sessions I still had chronic lower back pain, at times acute. The doctors then prescribed operative  procedures, which I was seriously considering when a friend recommended me to visit Jose.

    Jose started the session by working on my leg-length difference which she explained was caused by the misalignment in my spine and which in turn was causing my body to compensate for the imbalance and creating a misalignment in my hip which was again putting pressure on my spine. She then made me do the towel exercise, a simple rotation of the leg while holding a towel wrapped under the thigh and pulling upwards. This resolved the leg-length difference! Jose then moved on to other simple exercises and while I made some rhythmic movements with my hands and legs, her hands moved skilfully to realign my spine from the Sacrum to the neck. Her hands felt

    like a butterfly fluttering on my back as she applied the lightest pressures but at the end of the first session I was pain free. I had not felt like that for months! The second session involved a relaxing massage with natural oils stretching the spine and improving blood circulation. In that session, Jose also taught me the key exercises that

    I would need to practice for the next couple of months to maintain the balance of my body and to build up the strength in the muscles supporting the spine.

    While doctors had warned me of 6 months bed rest and advised invasive operative procedures, Jose and her PIDDDS treatment made me pain free on the first day and 6 months later, I was able to enjoy a golf game! My overall posture has improved and while I do get some mild pain in the back around once in 6 months, doing the exercises relieves the pain. I have visited Jose a couple of times after those initial sessions (6 years ago) and every time I leave her clinic I feel like I have a new body in perfect balance and most importantly – pain free! Subsequently, I have recommended many of my family and friends to PIDDDS and have seen all of them achieve amazing benefits and improvement to their health.

  • Can you open up the road for your own family?

    Dearest Sister,

    The purpose of my visit to Dubai in October 2007 was for holiday and relaxation. I knew you were doing some things with PIDDDS and the Blood Type Diet, but to me it was like: “Ok sister, do your thing but not with me”, even though I had been in a lot of pain in my neck and right shoulder for a long time, despite treatment by a Physiotherapist.

    I knew from my wife and daughter that what you are doing had helped them a lot, but nothing could persuade me to let you help me with my pain. Then on our last day, something came to me that it could do no harm to let you check my shoulder.

    This one day I will never forget for the rest of my life. After one treatment, the relief I felt was incredible! I’d had shoulder and neck pain for so long it was really overwhelming finally getting relief. The things you did I still cannot believe. I discovered that even my way of walking was wrong, and it’s so much better now. Kind sister, I feel so much improved. The pain is gone, and crazy enough, my long-hidden nose problem while sleeping on my left side has disappeared. I feel so glad and relieved, no longer stressed and no more need to drown in my own negativity or to project it onto others.

    It is extraordinary what you have meant to me, and I wish you success with your book. Much success with making people happy and healthy.

    Your brother Jan.

  • I had chronic back and knee problems for six years and had always relied on chiropractic treatment for the relief of acute pain. However, after only one PIDDDS session with Jose my knee pain was completely eliminated – a result never achieved in a single chiropractic or osteopathic treatment.

    By the fourth and final session, I realized that my entire body felt “back to normal” - a result also never achieved with prior treatments. Jose’s healing abilities are exceptional and, in my opinion, the PIDDDS Method is simply the most effective treatment available for spinal misalignment-related pain.

    Jose, I wish you continued success and fulfilment in your practice and hope that you continue to have the opportunity to heal and inspire as many people as possible as you have done for me. You are truly a gift to the world!

    Lisa Malcolm, Toronto, Canada.

  • During my first treatment I received from Jose, I felt like I was being put back together like a puzzle. Since then I’ve visited her several times and today I feel my body is finally complete. I feel very in control of my body. Since I am a growing teen (194 cm) I have to look down to others a lot. Now I learned to let them look up to me! I do my

    best to convince others about what I learned from Jose, but to truly understand what this treatment and this newly created diet do, you must have experienced the PIDDDS Method in person.

    Thank you Jose, for improving my lifestyle.

    Joost den Baas (age 17)

  • Our association with Jose began a few years back when my husband suffered severe sciatica causing him a lot of distress and a great deal of pain that made it difficult for him to walk. During this time we tried Physiotherapy, Chiropractors and Osteopaths with no effect. When he started losing sensation on that leg we were at wits end. A colleague then recommended Jose and the PIDDDS treatment. We were at her doorstep that very evening and what is unbelievable is that, with just one session with her, the pain just miraculously disappeared & he recovered fully.

    Jose’s unique combination of skills, combined with her loving concern for each one of us is simply amazing. Thank you Jose for all the help (healing) you’ve given me and my family.

    I wish you all the success in your new book and your practice. I hope you continue to heal, inspire and spread your knowledge to many more. You are truly ‘one of a kind’.

    Roopa Vivek, Dubai, UAE.

  • In September 1994, I was involved in a coach crash on the M5 in the UK. I suffered quite severe whiplash and began a course of physiotherapy. To my misfortune, in April 1995, I was involved in a 10-car pileup on the M4 heading out of London. (I was the 4th or 5th car in the “chain”). The second accident was more severe and involved being strapped to a spinal board and rushed to hospital by ambulance as I lost most of the feeling in my legs. Luckily, I made reasonable recovery and once again I began a course of physiotherapy. After two months, I took a friend’s advice and started seeing an osteopath once, sometimes twice a week for two years.

    In September 1998, I moved to Dubai and “ put up with” my back pain and enjoyed the luxury of some of the spas Dubai has to offer! Every month I’d have a massage in the hope of alleviating my backache. I could find some relief occasionally but it was never sustained and after a week or so I was in need of more treatment. In the spring of 2004, during personal training in preparation for my wedding, my trainer gave me Jose’s number and suggested that I get in touch with her. At this point, I can honestly say that my life changed dramatically and I have never looked back!

    Jose and I spoke about my accidents and the problems I’d suffered and then she gave me a massage!!! Oh my goodness, I had so many things wrong, I didn’t quite know what to do with myself, but Jose told me I’d be fine!! I went back twice a week for a few weeks and I began to notice a difference; however, I don’t think the massage alone would have fixed everything. During my sessions with Jose we chatted about all sorts of things, particularly training in the gym to tone up before my wedding. Jose then introduced me Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s “Eat right 4 your type”. My husband and I are both A+, so it made following the diet really simple. We very quickly noticed the difference in our bodies. We had a lot more energy and seemed to be getting slimmer (even though we really weren’t eating any less). Perfect for looking fit and healthy on my wedding day! During my massage session, Jose had noticed that my legs were different in length and my vertebrae misaligned which caused my pelvis to tilt, therefore making one leg almost 2 cm longer than the other! This was not only causing my neck and back pain, but probably was causing me to survive on less oxygen then my body needed – during my sessions with the swinging exercise, I experienced several head rushes and the blood flowed through my body more effectively. Jose explained that the misalignment in my lower back could potentially have a knock on effect on my fertility, due to the connection of the spine to all the body’s major organs – something that had never occurred to me before. I’d suffered from irregular menstruation ever since the accidents. After my treatment, I continued to see Jose on a regular basis.

    In July 2004, I got married and in September I discovered I was pregnant. Sadly, in November, I suffered a miscarriage. As always, Jose was there to help and support me. Having been pregnant, I was suffering from lower back pain again and Jose corrected my back as some of my vertebrae had slipped again. My back was feeling great and I was following my diet, which had been adjusted to an even easier to follow concept by Jose’s formula.

    In April 2005 after being pregnant for 16 weeks, I had another miscarriage. Once again Jose continued to maintain my back and offer great advice. As I always felt lower back pain before the miscarriage and my lower back vertebrae L3 was dispositional, Jose explained that a misaligned L3 could cause circulation problems in the womb and cause miscarriage.

    She persisted on holding my lower back in a certain position, she told me all the medical terms, “retroflex the hip, elevate the pubic bone and abduct your glutei and flex the knees” but I did not understand that so she simplified it by saying it felt as if I had to go to the toilet and was holding it in! This explanation was very easy to follow and I felt the difference. My lower back felt more stable and I could breathe easier because standing in this position meant I had to stand upright with my shoulders relaxed. I fell pregnant again and this time survived the critical first 16 weeks. In May 2006, I had Jack.

    As soon as he was born I knew my spine needed some attention again. So Jack and I went to see Jose. Several sessions of massage and three PIDDDS treatment sessions, I was feeling great and pain-free. In May 2007, Ben arrived!! Again, as soon as Jose returned from Holiday, she treated me and again my back feels fantastic!

    I know my back will probably always need to be treated and, for as long as Jose is nearby, I know I’ll be fine. Jose remained an inspiration ( and became a good friend), without whom my husband and I would not have our boys!!!

    Thank you Jose!

    Five years later, and looking better than ever!

  • My name is Dr Parviz Rashvand. I am a Naturopathic Doctor using natural modalities to improve the quality of health and treat diseases. This is a holistic approach to health and well-being and it considers body, mind, emotions, spirits, as well as life-style, attitudes and beliefs in people. PIDDDS is now an inevitable part of my practice due to its efficacy and not only it has improved the outcome of my practice greatly, but also it facilitates a deeper healing and a faster recovery. But let me explain why I love PIDDDS so much:

    In my philosophy, health is the state of balance, but not just the absence of diseases. Therefore,

    recreating the balance is the goal of my practice and it has been some of the most reliable clinical practice bringing clients to me almost from many other countries abroad!

    What I have learned through years of study and clinical practice is that body posture is a very important

    factor as the base of balance. From the brain and spinal cord, extend numerous nerves which automatically control the functions of all the organs within the body, all to keep the balance. This is a part of the Central and Autonomic Nervous System. These organs (such as pituitary as main site of endocrine/ hormone system, thyroid for metabolism, heart, lungs, diaphragm, for respiration and breathing, and viscera which conducts digestion and absorption, detoxification, immunity and so on) will function well and within the state of balance if the nerve supply to them works correctly and efficiently. Hence, the nervous system controls our physiology!

    The nervous system is also connected to hormones (the endocrine system) which together adjust our mental and emotional states too. In Chinese Medicine, spine is very important since it resides major energy meridians on it and at the sides of it. With needling specific acupuncture points around the spine, we could affect the function of various organs. These points are also connected to the emotions in us! PIDDDS, therefore, has the potential to regulate physics, mind and emotion!

    I recommend PIDDDS to everyone suffering from chronic conditions (not just diseases), to all children who were born through Caesarian, all the pregnant mums and future mums who intend to get pregnant, and to older people who suffer from joint pain such as bad knees and so on. 

    At the end, I would like to express my gratitude to Jose Garbe-Vilijn for her dedication, creativity and compassion. I have learned a great deal from her and for that, I will be thankful to her forever!

    Parviz Rashvand, ND

    Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine