PIDDDS Founder Magdalena Vilijn

PIDDDS 3D Living was founded in 2006 by Jose Garbe-Vilijn, an Educational worker with a state diploma from the faculty of social studies, a state diploma in Sports Massage, a SAC diploma as a food and nutrition adviser and a Dorn Method Master Practitioner who believes there is a solution to achieve healthy and pain free living for every person on this earth.

Jose suffered from a life threatening brain bleed, and is certain that the Dorn Therapy (originating from Germany) along with eating right for her blood type meant she survived. PIDDDS follows its own path adapted from tried and tested treatments. Due to her personal experience, Jose decided to dedicate her life to help others. Through many years of experience, Jose has created her own 3-Dimensional approach to healthy living, known as PIDDDS.

By practicing simple self-help exercises and easy to follow logical steps back pain and other crippling ailments can be fixed. Being perfectly aligned means our leg length is equal, or sacrum is straight, the spine is perfectly aligned and therefore our nervous system is functioning the way it should.