DHCA Certificate of Excellence
PIDDDS awarded by DHCA
Jose Garbe-Vilijn- PIDDDS Founder
Jose Garbe-Vilijn receives award from Jamal Abdulsalam, CEO of Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA)
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Start Helping Yourself

Discover the Connective Link for a Complete Circle of Health

PIDDDS is short for Personal Integrated Dynamics Diet and Determination Solutions. A combination of our physiological health through body posture and movement, eating habits and mental wellbeing. PIDDDS is a logical approach to health and provides a 3D solution that focuses on correcting the root cause of many of our physical, dietary and mental challenges. It helps to correct symptoms from the source. Reach the desire to achieve your goals.

  • Dynamics – to be in top physical shape with every single part of your body functioning the way it should.
  • Diet – to consistently eat the right food to ensure you nourish your body with the correct amount of nutrients, fat and energy – not too much, not too little.
  • Determination – to know you have everything it takes - all the skills and capabilities, the right attitude, supportive beliefs – plus real, deeply felt desire to achieve your goals.

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About Piddds

PIDDDS Founder Jose Garbe-Vilijn

PIDDDS 3D Living was founded in 2006 by Jose Garbe-Vilijn, an Educational worker with a state diploma from the faculty of social studies, a state diploma in Sports Massage, a SAC diploma as a food and nutrition adviser and a Dorn Method Master Practitioner who believes there is a solution to achieve healthy and pain free living for every person on this earth.

Jose suffered from a life threatening brain bleed, and is certain that the Dorn Therapy (originating from Germany) along with eating right for her blood type meant she survived. PIDDDS follows its own path adapted from tried and tested treatments. Due to her personal experience, Jose decided to dedicate her life to help others. Through many years of experience, Jose has created her own 3-Dimensional approach to healthy living, known as PIDDDS.

By practicing simple self-help exercises and easy to follow logical steps back pain and other crippling ailments can be fixed. Being perfectly aligned means our leg length is equal, or sacrum is straight, the spine is perfectly aligned and therefore our nervous system is functioning the way it should.

About Us




PIDDDS is a truly unique programme, based on simple exercises and easy to follow steps. It stimulates a balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle that anyone can follow, whether old or young. PIDDDS has produced successful positive outcomes for many individuals.



PIDDDS puts you in front of the mirror and gets you to look at yourself as thought you’re seeing yourself for the very first time. Holding both hands on your hips, one will be higher and one will be lower. PIDDDS will help you become aware of your own body’s twists and help you to understand how to correct symptoms from the source.



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Our Services and Training

Meet Our Experts

May Burkill

May Burkill

Master Practitioner
A certified Reflexology Therapist, May moved to Dubai from the United Kingdom in 2011 to join the PIDDDS Team and become a PIDDDS Master Practitioner.
Alina Cosimbescu

Alina Cosimbescu

Master Practitioner
A certified Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage & Massage Therapist, Alina became a PIDDDS Master Practitioner in 2011 and practiced in Romania until 2014 where she then relocated back to Dubai to join the PIDDDS Team.
Susana Flores Subealdea

Susana Flores Subealdea

PIDDDS Master Practitioner
A Paediatric Physiotherapist, Montessori teacher and PIDDDS master. Susana is originally from Mexico who has been living and working in Dubai now for 12 years.
Meet Our Experts

PIDDDS COMES TO YOU Contact us to make an appointment

Jose Garbe-Vilijn is available for individual PIDDDS treatment sessions in London, New York, Kenya, Jordan and other locations around the world. If you would like us to bring PIDDDS treatment or training sessions to you please send us a request.

Please contact us on:
Tel: +971 4 425 9404 or Email: info@piddds.com

PIDDDS Around the World

Be part of our Team How can PIDDDS become part of your life

Treatments Delivered Hourly

Treatments Delivered Hourly

Visit us at our new home in Healthcare City

We recently moved to new premises in Dubai Healthcare City from our base in Jumeirah Beach Road. It gives us the opportunity to have more dedicated treatment rooms and accommodate more PIDDDS Practitioners.

You don't need to live with back pain anymore. You might have been in agony for years but now you can live a pain free life. Many of our clients are so impressed by the results of PIDDDS that they attend our courses to help other friends and family members who are in pain. We have grown from a single person operation to a huge worldwide network of PIDDDS individuals, which is a testament to its success!

Window to the World

Align your spine and refresh your mind!

People from around the world have traveled to Dubai to attend our 2 day courses. Wouldn't it be perfect to incorporate learning with all round rejuvenation and

meditation spread over a few more days?

Our aim is to offer retreats in some peaceful and inspiring locations around the world to ensure that you come away with not only a certificate of achievement in PIDDDS but also with your spirits lifted. There is nothing more satisfying than helping yourself and others around you.

For further information on upcoming retreats please contact us.

Window to the World


Read all about it in Jose's new book!

Jose's new book is a fresh publication of the original version that came out in 2008. This time many of the procedures and methods of PIDDDS have been changed and have evolved. The new book is available in English and Arabic, includes stunning new testimonials and photographs.


Now you can see what we do!

Everyone is now watching what was "TV" content on their smartphone or tablet these days. PIDDDS has launched its own channel on youtube called PIDDDS TV. The content is growing by the day. HD films of the PIDDDS evolution! Its free to watch and easy to stream onto your smart TV. Enjoy the films we have in store for you and unique stories we have to tell.

Treatments And services

Contact Us

Our Address is:   Building 27, Block D, Level 1, Unit 102 , Dubai Healthcare City.  

If you have questions or need additional information, please call: 04 425 9404.

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