Sleeping Position

  • Always sleep on your back for at least the next 6-8 weeks.
  • Place a pillow under the thighs and a thin pillow under the head. If you find it difficult to relax, hold a small pillow on your chest.
  • Come out of the bed by sitting up straight first and not by turning from the side.


Posture Reminders

  • I know and I show.
  • Lift arm up like a forklift truck.
  • Shoulder blades together.
  • Elevate the pubic bone.
  • Flex/bend the knees.
  • Walk upright.
  • Push the floor away from the back (start walking like a child hiding something behind the back whilst asked “what are you doing” answering “nothing”.
  • Stand like a soldier at ease on the place, rest.


Towel Exercise

  • To correct the leg length difference do the Towel Exercise every morning and evening to both legs. Rotating each leg 5 times and then, stretching the leg outwards and inwards 5 times.
  • Do this exercise once per day and when needed.




  • To strengthen the stomach & Lower back muscles, do the stomach and back Exercises.
  • Laying down come up straight, whilst pffff out your breath to a sit-up position then, lay back Down. Then with bent knees, feet flat on the floor, whilst pfffft out your breath, lift the pelvis up and down. Repeat this with your feet in heel down, toes up position.
  • Use a pillow under the thighs, whilst performing this laying down exercise.
  • This is also the same position when sleeping.
  • Do these exercises once a day, for 1 minute each and when needed.



  • To correct the pelvic balance do the Swinging Exercise.
  • Apply pressure with flat fist on the side of the sacrum.
  • While swinging backwards, a gentle pressure with the fist should be applied. Swinging and pressure should be on the same side 10 times. Repeat on the other side.
  • This exercise should only be performed 1 time per month OR after taking a flight/ long Car journey.



  • To correct the lower vertebrae, do the Lower Spine Exercise.
  • Make a ‘u’ shape with your finger and thumb on the left hand. From the middle-upper back slide down the spine to the coccyx, using little pressure with your thumb on the left side of the spine using gentle pressure only from the upper back to the lower back 2 times and swing the opposite side (right) leg.
  • Repeat the same exercise using your right hand on opposite side.
  • Do this exercise once per day and when needed.


Pumping Exercise

  • To correct the oblique pelvis do the Pumping Exercise. Hold your sit bone by pressuring upwards and make pumping action downwards with the leg on the same side.
  • Once a day 10 times both sides.


Head Exercise

  • To relieve the pressure on the head, do the Head Exercise.
  • Place both thumbs in each of the two bone dips at the back of the head, lean back onto the thumbs and gently move the head side to side, in a no-no motion.
  • Do this exercise once a day for 1 minute OR after sitting for long periods of time.


Corner Exercise

  • For further alignment of the pelvis, do the Corner exercise.
  • Sit on the corner of the table, lean back and keep cycling your legs up and down for 1 minute.
  • This exercise can be done as much as needed.


Jaw Exercise

  • To bring relief to the neck and head do the two Jaw Exercises.
  • One hand like chair at the side of jaw with thumb under the end of the chin. Then using both hands like a chair, either side of the face, open and close the mouth from the back of the jaw.
  • Do this exercise once a day for 1 minute.


Atlas Exercise

  • To increase the concentration and balance do the Atlas Exercise.
  • Place your pointing index finger very gently into the small hole behind the ear, elbow raised outwards, then cuddle onto your finger move your head side to side.
  • Do this exercise once a day for 1 minute.


Chin Exercise

  • To realign the jaw do the Chin Exercise.
  • Position both hands under the chin and jaw line, like a flower. Then moving the head side to side, push down with your chin and push up with your hands, blowing out at the same time (like a horse).
  • Do this exercise once a day for 1 minute.


Shoulder Exercise

  • To relief the upper arm stiffness/pain and stimulate circulation of the hands do the Shoulder Exercise.
  • Do this exercise once a day for 1 minute and when needed.
  • Ensure that your head and arm is both moving, at the same time when performing this exercise.


Arm & Hand Exercise

  • To relief pain and stiffness in the hands and fingers, do the Hand Exercise.
  • Holding the shoulder, put pressure from the front and move the arm forward. Then put pressure from the back of the shoulder and move the arm backwards.
  • Repeat 5 times.
  • Hold each joint of the hand individual between your fingers and rotate in a circular motion, then up and down 5 times.
  • Do this exercise once a day and when needed.


Butterfly Exercise

  • To build up shoulder muscles and relieve tightness in the chest, do the Butterfly Exercise. Position the flat part of the lower back, sitting against the wall.
  • Do this exercise 10 times a day and when needed, open and close the arms inwards and outwards.


Wall Exercise

  • To naturally align the mid-back do the Wall Exercise.
  • Position the corner of the wall against one side of the spine then, using a up and down marching movement as much as possible against the wall corner.
  • Do both sides of the spine.
  • Do it once a day for 1 minute and when needed.


Lifting Exercise

  • To strengthen the upper body, do the Lifting Exercise.
  • Tilt your pelvis, lean against the wall onto your shoulders and on the heels of your feet.
  • Move your arms upwards making a fist with your hand.
  • Show your watch, show your watch, show your watch, turn hand and look at your watch upwards.
  • Then, show your watch, show your watch and show your watch moving arms back downwards.
  • Do this 5 times a day and when needed.


Knee Exercise

  • To release pain in the knees, do the Knee Exercise.
  • Bend with pressure above the knee and come back giving counter pressure and lifting the knee cap.
  • Do this exercise once a day, 10 times each knee.


Neck Exercise and Natural whole Body Stretch

  • To mobilise the neck, the head, and the shoulders perform the Neck and whole Body Stretch Exercise.
  • Place your elbow’s against the wall, look at the wall, bend your knees and lift up your pubic bone.
  • Do it with a light no-no motion moving head side to side.
  • Move the head, using two the fingers either side in place directly next to the spine and slide down as low as possible past the neck to shoulder level. Place the elbow higher up un the wall to reach further down to the upper back.
  • Do this exercise once a day for 1 minute and when needed.


Tiptoe Exercise

  • To release pain in the heels, correct foot alignment and to increase the blood circulation, do the Tiptoe Exercise lifting up your pubic bone at the same time.
  • Do this exercise once a day, for 1 minute and when needed.