Spinal Chart

Psychological Physiological
Cervical vertebrae:

C1 – Atlas, crown chakra, lacking overall view, problems with the creator, desire to comprehend everything with one’s head.

C2 – Axis, forehead chakra, lacking “farsightedness” does not want to look or strain the visual senses.

C3, C4, C5 – Does not want to listen, no firm point of view, wavering, loses stability, feelings of guilt.

C6 – Throat chakra, inability to speak well, unable to bite one’s way through, lump in throat.

C7 – Allows oneself to be humiliated, feels suppressed, suffers silently does not defend oneself.

Thoracic Vertebrae:

TH1 – Happily overburden oneself, shoulders carry a great deal, does everything by oneself, no trust.

TH2 – Heart chakra, cannot be loving, locks once heart, heart-hearten, joyless.

TH3 – Wants nothing of oneself, put oneself last, does not want to breath deeply, no own opinion.

TH4 – Inner anger, lets nothing out, single minded, embittered, hard on oneself.

TH5 – Worries over others, problems with the “inner child”, neglects own vital interests, always sad, cries a lot.

TH6 & TH7 – Swallows a great deal, lets nothing out, internal rebelling, loses oneself in addictions: eating and drinking.

TH8 – Energy chakra, worries, rigid, does not surrender to the flow of life.

TH9 – Suppresses once own aggression, make accusations, becomes allergic.

TH10 – Partnership problems with parents, husband or wife, children, colleagues, neighbours, one’s fellow human beings.

TH11 – Contact problems, insecurity, always sees once own weaknesses, fearful, afraid of relationships.

Thoracic & Lumbar vertebrae:

TH12 & L1 – Finds it hard to make a new start, fearful, problem with letting go of things from the past, like e.g. Parents, husband or wife, people, animals, place of residence, property, work, career.

L2 – Becomes tense very quickly, feelings of panic.

L3, 4, 5 & Coccyx – Sexual chakra, sexual problems, lethargy in “digesting”, lack of security, feelings of guilt.

Cervical vertebrae:

C1 – Headache, high blood pressure, migraine, memory weakness, chronic tiredness, balance problems (vertigo), partly half sided paralysis by irregular circulation of left & right brain.

C2 – Sinus problems, eye problems, deafness, ear pain.

C3 – Facial nerves, acne, toothache, caries, bleeding gum, neuralgia, tinnitus.

C4 – Loss of hearing, constant cold, adenoids, chapped lips, cramped lip muscles, catarrh.

C5 – Hoarsenses. Laryngitis, chronic cold, sore throat.

C6 – Upper arm pain, stiff neck, whooping cough, goitre, tonsillitis, croup.

C7 – Bursitis in the shoulder, fear, depression, colds, diseases of the thyroid glands.

Thoracic Vertebrae:

TH1 – Furry feeling in the fingers, tennis elbow, ligament inflammation, pain in the lower arm and hand, shoulder pain, neck cramp.

TH2 – Heart problems, disruption in rhythm, pain in the breastbone, fears.

TH3 – Asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, cough, breathing difficulties, pleurisy, influenza, disruptions in the chest region.

TH4 – Gall stones, trouble with the gall bladder, jaundice, headache on one side (from the gall meridian).

TH5 – Circulatory weakness, arthritis, shingles, fatigue, anemia, low blood pressure, disruptions of the liver.

TH6 – Diabetes, disruption in digestion, indigestion, stomach problem

TH7 – Duodenal ulcers, stomach problems, hiccups, disruption of the vertebrae over a longer period of time: lack of vitamins, feeling of weakness.

TH8 – Spleen problems, weakness in the immune system.

TH9 – Allergies, nettle rash.

TH10 – Kidney problems, salt cannot be discharged from the system, chalked up arteries, chronic fatigue.

TH11 – Skin diseases like: spots, acne, eczema, raw skin, psoriasis, drinks a lot.

TH12 – Problems with small intestines, gas, rheumatism, disruptions in growth, infertility.

Lumbar Vertebrae:

L1 – Problems with large intestines, disruption in the circulation in the large intestines, blockages, constipation, diarrhea, etc.

L2 – Problems with the appendix, cramps in the stomach, hyper activity, varicose veins.

L3 – Problems during pregnancy, menstruation pain, menopause problems, bladder pain, knee ache, often together with bladder, impotence, bed wetting.

L4 – Sciatica, prostate trouble, painful or too frequent urination. Important: massage the painful buttocks muscles with oil until they are soft.

L5 – Circulation problems in the lower leg and feet, cold feet, cramp in the calves, swelling in the feet and legs.


S1 to S5 – Sciatica, abdominal problems, chronic constipation, pains in the leg and feet.


C1 to C5 – Haemorrhoids, itching of the anus, pain whilst sitting.