PIDDDS will show you the tremendous opportunity to think from the source, and not the symptom, and that the spine is the source of many bodily conditions:

  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Neck and Joint Pains
  • Migraine
  • Hip-Problems
  • Knee Pain
  • Infertility
  • Emotional Conflicts
  • ADHD, ADD & Hyper active Behaviour
  • Autsim
  • Neurologcal Disorders
  • All Chronic Inner Conditions: Eczema, Psoriasis etc…..
  • Children: Bed wetting, anger, depression, concentration etc…
  • Many more conditions (Please see Spinal Charts Tab)


I started to see the connections between the position of the spine, the food we eat and the way we feel and react. Going further back into history, I found that the Aztecs the old pre-historic Indians gave our tailbone the name ‘Sacrum,’ which literally means holy bone! The totem poless they made, their jewellery was all designed and inspired by the hipbones, joints and the spine. Already in that time the Aztecs knew that the spine and the position of the connections to the body were of great importance for our health and strength. Their babies were swaddled in a cloth after birth to keep their sacrum and spine supported. If we make sure that our spine is connected, there will be no ‘wear and tear’. Thinking about it, why is it that we can move up and down, run, jump, get our diaphragm to breath, our mouth and tongue to eat and talk etc. millions of times, even into very old age? The correct diet and life-style, body position, breathing techniques and exercises keep the body fit, mobile and pain-free.

I hope you enjoy reading further and detailed information on the PIDDDS Website.

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What is PIDDDS?

PIDDDS is your Personal Integrated Dynamics, Diet & Determination Solution, a combination of our physiological health through body posture and movement, eating habits and mental wellbeing.

Dynamics, Diet and Determination is a powerful combination. Personal Integrated Dynamics, Diet and Determination  – PIDDDS – is therefore a long name for a surprisingly simple winning formula.

PIDDDS is a logical approach to health and provides you with a 3D solution that focuses on correcting the root cause of many of our physical, diet and mental challenges. It helps to correct symptoms from the source, the origin.

  1. Dynamics – to be in top physical shape with every single part of your body functioning the way it should.
  2. Diet – to consistently eat the right food to ensure you nourish your body with the correct amount of nutrients, fat and energy – not too much, not too little.
  3. Determination – to know you have everything it takes – all the skills and capabilities, the right attitude, supportive beliefs – plus real, deeply felt desire to achieve your goals.

How PIDDDS started

PIDDDS 3-D Living was founded in 2006 by Jose Garbe-Vilijn, an Educational worker with a state diploma from the faculty of social studies, a state diploma in Sports Massage, a SAC diploma as a food and nutrition adviser and a Dorn Method Master practitioner who believes there is a solution to achieve healthy and pain free living for every person on this earth. With the Dorn method -founded by Dieter Dorn- being a platform to work from, Jose developed a unique combination of PIDDDS dynamics, combined with the PIDDDS diet and a major dose of determination to accomplish the healthy 3D lifestyle.  She now strives to promote PIDDDS through more than one channel.

PIDDDS is truly a unique self help program, based on simple exercises and easy to follow logical steps. It stimulates a balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle that anyone can follow, whether old or young. The results can be seen through the emotional and heart-warming stories that are received from the clients that have followed the PIDDDS programme. Now, a book, several workshops, conferences and treatments later, more and more people are becoming familiar with the method and its amazing results.

In 2005, when Jose was 48 years old, she had a serious brain bleeding. The reason she survived was because nine years previously she had started studying and practising ‘blood group science.’ At that time, she had been suffering from asthma and she grew tired of all the drugs prescribed by her doctors. She discovered Peter D’Adamo’s “Live Right 4 Your Type” based on the scientific study of food of the four blood types, O, A, B and AB. By eating food that is harmonious with your blood type, digestion becomes easier and blood becomes thinner, faster flowing and slower to clot.  Jose started eating according to her blood type diet, in close coordination with Dr. Norbert Kremer GMD, and she soon saw results.  Her asthma (an autoimmune disease) quickly disappeared and her blood became thin and slow clotting which, doctors later told her, was what saved her life.

After her stroke, Jose was in intensive care and then in rehabilitation for six months but she was still struggling to get her old self back. It wasn’t until she met Joshy, a dorn method practitioner from Germany, that she really understood what was going on with her body.  Joshy introduced Jose to the Dorn method. He explained to her that everything is connected to the spine and that by realigning the spine her strength could easily be regained. The results were incredible. Because of this personal experience Jose decided to dedicate her life to help others by becoming a dorn-method practitioner herself.  She gave up her job in teaching and went back to her previous career as a Sports Massage Therapist.  Soon she was an advocate of the dorn-method and blood group science.  Now, through many years of experience, Jose has created her own 3-Dimensional approach to healthy living, known as PIDDDS.