Latest book from José

PIDDDS 3D Living: A 3 dimensional solution to restoring the circle of health through Dynamics, Diet and Determination.

May 2023

Available in Digital copy, a hardcopy  can be ordered within UAE. 

About this book

When José Garbe Vilijn awoke after a sudden brain bleed in 2005, a new life lay ahead of her. True to her nature, José saw this event as a huge opportunity. Never could she have imagined that it would gift to her a new paradigm in healing that would take her on an incredible journey of discovery. Not only has she treated 30,000 patients across the globe, but alongside this, her PIDDDS solution has allowed her to regain her mobility and brain function. She now runs a thriving practice in Dubai.

This revised edition of her book follows the stories of her original case studies, first printed in 2008, proving the success of PIDDDS over time.

It has been inspired by José’s promise to reach as many people as possible across the globe to share her knowledge and passion for her logical solution to their health struggles and suffering in life. This book offers inspirational stories, clear advice and so much joy and celebration.

A truly uplifting book to read and revisit time and time again.


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