What can PIDDDS help you with..

  • Pregnant with twins, pre-diabetic
  • Hip replacement rehabilitation
  • Eczema
  • Gastric belt and shoulder problems
  • Sudden heart attack
  • Autism and hyperactivity
  • Laryngopharyngeal (silent) reflux
  • Back pain
  • Juvenile obesity with hip abnormality
  • Concentration, Growth and digestion problems
  • Breathing problems and potential disc replacement
  • Brain haemorrhage, shoulder pain and acne
  • Panic attacks and sleeping disorder
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Bed wetting
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Sudden growth spurt and painful heels
  • Anorexia
  • Infertility
  • Down syndrome and ventricular septal defect

PIDDDS treats the source of a wide range of symptoms for all ages with gentle, non-invasive gentle moves

If you have symptoms that just won’t go away, it could be because misalignment is the source of a whole range of symptoms.  This is why PIDDDS has such a consistent track record of success.

PIDDDS is short for Personal Integrated Dynamics Diet and Determination Solutions. 

A combination of our physiological health through body posture and movement, eating habits and mental wellbeing.

PIDDDS is a logical approach to health and provides a 3D solution that focuses on correcting the root cause of many of our physical, dietary and mental challenges. It helps to correct symptoms from the source. Reach the desire to achieve your goals. 

Dynamics– to be in top physical shape with every single part of your body functioning the way it should.

Diet– to consistently eat the right food to ensure you nourish your body with the correct amount of nutrients, fat and energy – not too much, not too little.

Determination – to know you have everything it takes – all the skills and capabilities, the right attitude, supportive beliefs – plus real, deeply felt desire to achieve your goals.


Self-help exercise tutorial video

Now you are able to practice our exercises in the comfort of your own  home, in your own time, the PIDDDS way!

Please note: You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk. Exercises should only be carried out after consultation with a PIDDDS Practitioner at the Clinic.

PIDDDS was awarded the Outpatient Clinics Award 2020, part of the Dubai Healthcare City Excellence Awards!  Let’s hear what Jose has to say.  

*Source: DHCA Excellence Awards 2020 recognise top Emirati contributors to healthcare’, published on 15 Sep 2020 on the Government of Dubai website.


Jose Garbe-Vilijn is available for individual PIDDDS treatment sessions across  the UAE, London, New York, Kenya, Jordan and other locations around the world. If you would like us to bring PIDDDS treatment or training sessions to you please send us a request.

What clients say about PIDDDS

AsmA Saqer Al- QassimiAsmA Saqer Al- Qassimi
16:44 31 Jan 24
07:16 13 Dec 23
12:27 12 Dec 23
Highly recommended highly appreciated.. I been visited this clinic with Jose since 2018, i been suffering from elbow bad pain for 8 months and can’t hold even my phone,,in only one session with Jose all pain goes and since that time (2018) i keep visiting Jose every 2-3 months for maintenance only and to keep my align specially i am working at 9 hours office job with very less move,,
dara ayodejidara ayodeji
12:19 12 Dec 23
My family and I have been a part of the PIDDDS family for 3 years. We have all been treated by Jose with great results and service. We always recommend her to others. Whether you are facing health challenges or need fine tuning to be in optimal health you will be in good hands with Jose. It is amazing what happens on the other side of her gentle touch.
11:37 12 Dec 23
Elena AlekseevaElena Alekseeva
09:29 12 Dec 23
Amazing treatment and so professional. Doctor Jose did for me alignment when I was pregnant and she helped me a lot. I’m so grateful and looking forward to see her with my newborn baby.
Samira SalibaSamira Saliba
09:19 12 Dec 23
If there is one person in the world that fix your back pain among other painful muscular issues! Including scoliosis and discs and misalignments and hip issues- it’s Josie and her team. It’s a gentle technique that uses the body s own rotation to go deep into fixing the structures of facia. She saved my life. I had 2 babies after Josie and had zero issues during my pregnancy. Send my 4 week old to her for alignment and my older adhd son and every time it helps and improves the issues. Love piddds forever
david milnedavid milne
17:26 11 Dec 23
Alina helped me with a hip problem which was giving me pain for some time, and after some sessions my hip was back to normal and pain free
Hessa AlmansooriHessa Almansoori
12:06 11 Dec 23
Best experience ever highly recommended
Hessah AhmedHessah Ahmed
09:54 11 Dec 23
Amazing experience I felt the difference with all my 3 kids. They started walking confidently and even in the school I felt a big difference in their focus level, achievements and surprisingly dyslexia. My son use to have blue papers for exam and assignments and after few treatments this stopped. It’s worth the waiting because we have exceptional service at the end.
diana onudiana onu
08:02 11 Dec 23
I visited the centre and had Alina as my therapist. Her techniques were unique and it felt like having a massage and being at the chiropractor therapy. She showed me my body is unaligned and corrected it. As well I have been struggling with lots of other pains which post session were resolved. I have done 3 sessions and was newborn again! Will def go back. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Excellent experience with PIDDDS! Very knowledgeable and professional while still keeping a friendly and comfortable environment. I definitely feel much better after the treatments. Highly recommend it. I I went to Dr. Josе with my newborn, she and I looked at him too, the baby after the caesarean section was in great tone, slept poorly and cried a lot, after the first appointment it became much better. thank you Dr. Jozе for bringing sleep into our family
20:53 01 Nov 23
I definitely felt lighter, more in control of my body and not the other way around! She is a jewel, I am so glad she is still in Dubai and I recommend her for any child or adult looking for over all alignment; extremely happy with results from day 1
V.c.j.a VerweyV.c.j.a Verwey
10:01 18 Jul 23
she is the absolute best all pain in my neck is gone but also i have energy to exercise and be active again she has helped me tremendously. And she is the sweetest pure person 😇🌹
Um KhaledUm Khaled
11:39 16 Mar 23
Doctor Elena, you are a sincere person in your work. Thank you very much, you helped me get rid of my pain 💚 Dr. Elena, one of the clinic’s distinguished doctors, who always updates her information and methods of treatment in the sciences of physical therapy. Dr. Elena, you are a dedicated person in your work. Thank you very much, you helped me get rid of my pain 💚 Dr. Elena, one of the clinic’s distinguished doctors, who always updates her information and treatment methods in physical therapy sciences.🫶
Annemarie ZuidemaAnnemarie Zuidema
14:22 24 Jan 23
Lots of good things, so many people José has already treated and are grateful for the results.
Ivca IIvca I
05:49 29 Dec 22
Dr Jose and her team are amazing. Very professional and patient with our son. Had an opportunity to work with her and help him with his posture. Highly recommended
Sultan AlbusaeediSultan Albusaeedi
07:41 14 Mar 22
My son benefits alot from this center. He is having growth issues.Jose are the best.
Ayesha ChughtaiAyesha Chughtai
16:45 26 Jun 21
Dr Jose and her technique are absolutely life-changing. I have scoliosis and cervical kyphosis, and Dr Jose has a holistic approach to aligning the whole body instead of focusing on just one problem area. My whole body feels aligned after just one session, and her tips and exercises give lifelong self-healing so you dont need to keep going for physiotherapy or any other treatments. Can't recommend her enough!
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